Publishinghouse for Scholars
P.O. Box 461267
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Scholars produce excellent publications that should receive greater recognition and remuneration. Publishinghouse for Scholars was established in 2010 to bring more attention and more income to established scholars by providing a convenient and professional outlet for their books.

Related books by other publishers are also featured when they meet high scholarly standards.

After a book is published, scholars often speak at public events. Publishinghouse for scholars provides a bulletin board for their appearances so that readers can meet authors. On such occasions, authors can provide as much as 40% discounts on purchases of their books.

Publishinghouse for Scholars is pleased to offer space for blogs of authors who have something to say that is in an oped or article format, rather than book length.

In many ways, Publishinghouse for Scholars makes an important and needed contribution to the world of scholarship and for those who want to keep abreast of the latest findings of accomplished academics in all fields related to human behavior and public policy.

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A Professionís Fascinating History, Subfields, Paradigms, Research Agendas, Policy Applications, and Future

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A Comprehensive Introduction, 2nd edition